Jacob Mandel
Jacob Madel

The San Diego Bike Coalition  has named Jacob Mandel to the cycling organization as its newest advocacy manager.

In this role, Mandel will develop strategies to track bicycle infrastructure projects, policies and plans to generate support among advocates throughout the region. His main focus will be to improve the safety, equity and accessibility of bicycling for all by working with local government officials.

He will help the Bike Coalition advocate for and protect the rights of all people who ride. With his experience as a social activist, he will drive cycling advocacy in the region to help identify and address challenges in order to make bicycling a mainstream, safe and enjoyable form of recreation and transportation.

Born in San Diego he has a passion for building sustainable communities. Before joining the Bicycle Coalition, he worked on political campaigns in San Diego and San Francisco.

He lives car-free and relies on a bicycle and public transit to move around the region and said his favorite biking spots are Cabrillo National Monument, Del Mar and Mission Beach.

“With Jacob at the helm, I believe the Bike Coalition will enact meaningful change that will benefit beginner and experienced riders alike,” said Bike Coalition Executive Director Andy Hanshaw. “The region needs more infrastructure in place to promote safer biking, and Jacob has the experience to enact the necessary policy changes to make that happen.”