Maggie Slater and Melinda Staab. Courtesy photo

Just two years ago, North County resident Maggie Slater said she realized local businesses needed better ways to connect to nearby residents. When COVID-19 made its way to California in early 2020, she realized the need was greater than ever. 

“We connected with dozens of small businesses to find out what their immediate struggles were一 one was very obvious 一 and to strategize on how we could help them,” Slater said. “We knew that we had wanted to create something that would be a win-win for both parties — a collaborative community where everyone wins, even amidst a global pandemic.”

VIP Platform Technology, under the company Aliferous Technology headed by Slater, is a hyper-local platform where businesses market themselves. Nearby residents are encouraged to sign up to scour local deals and offerings. Slater said it’s a win-win platform as many people prefer to support local. So far, the app is focused on the San Marcos neighborhood of San Elijo, where 60 businesses and 350 customers have signed up. 

“Business owners are pleased to use this hyper-targeted marketing to get directly in front of the community they wish to reach,” said Slater, who co-founded the venture with Melinda Staab. “Often, there are businesses that don’t have a brick and mortar presence, and a big spend on a campaign on Facebook, Instagram or Google Ad Words is not possible. By charging less than half of our competitors, it is much more possible.”

A screenshot of the VIP Platform Technology app.

Customers are also grateful to have a hyper-local app that allows them to support local businesses they may not be able to visit in person during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order, she said. 

“The impact on businesses has really been wonderful,” Slater said. “It’s been our team’s pleasure to partner with them, have a seat at their conference table, virtually, to hear their pain points, brainstorm how to showcase them on the app, and do all we can to drive business toward them.”

Aside from providing a platform for businesses and customers to connect, Slater said VIP Platform Technology will also host events for members to better engage the community. 

SHE VIP Wine Club, and our Wellness Wednesday series begins in March. We also have many more events planned to allow our VIP members to have the full VIP experience, and truly be a part of our social community.

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