Bankers Hill Bar, which is currently open for takeout, could reopen its bar on Friday. Photo courtesy of the restaurant

San Diego County public officials announced Monday that certain outdoor businesses can reopen immediately, followed on Friday by gyms, bars, hotels and museums, among others.

Opening immediately are day camps, campgrounds, RV parks, sport fishing, private charter boats and similar outdoor recreational businesses. Each will have set of guidelines and restrictions.

“As someone who has worked very hard over my lifetime to create more parks, trails, open space and campgrounds,  I’m particularly excited to announce the resumption of several activities to allow us to enjoy the outdoors,” said Supervisor Greg Cox at a media briefing.

The majority of businesses still closed will be able to reopen Friday, as long as they meet the county’s reopening guidelines. Statewide protocols for those businesses were released late last week.

The businesses opening Friday include gyms, fitness centers, most swimming pools, bars, wineries, card rooms, hotels for tourism, short-term rentals, museums, galleries, zoos and family entertainment like bowling alleys.

Each business that reopens will have to fill out and post a safe reopening plan using a template provided by the county Health and Human Services Agency.

Supervisor Nathan Fletcher said San Diego County’s success is slowing the pandemic has enabled it to accelerate the reopening of businesses, but called on residents to continue to follow the public health guidelines.

“Let’s continue to be a model county both for how we dealt on the front end with the coronavirus pandemic, and how we are dealing with the reopening process,” said Fletcher.

Dr. Wilma Wooten, the county’s public health officer, said the reopening of restaurants for dine-in prior to Memorial Day has been a success because of a “phenomenal job” in creating a safe environment for customers.

“No outbreaks to date have been associated with restaurants, which is definitely a good thing,” she said. “Our restaurant industry has done a phenomenal job.”

She said that as businesses reopen, people should continue to wash their hands, keep a six-foot distance, wear face coverings and submit to screening before entering public places.

“Locally, as we reopen businesses and increase activities, we must continue to be vigilant and maintain the effective strategies that are needed to decrease the spread of COIVD 19,” she said.

Still closed throughout California are nail salons, massage parlors, movie theaters, tattoo parlors, conventions and concert venues.

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Chris Jennewein

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