Two attendees discuss what they learned during the Facebook training in San Diego. Photo by Chris Jennewein

The social media giant Facebook is promoting small businesses in San Diego and three other cities with local TV, billboard and digital advertising.

At it’s free Community Boost event at the Jacobs Community Center on Monday, Facebook officials introduced local businesses being promoted with TV ads that began airing in July.

San Diego, Sacramento, Nashville and Columbus, OH, were singled out, according to Facebook because of their “distinct, vibrant small business cultures.”

Among the businesses featured in the “Keep It Local” advertising campaign are Sama Dog, Lucha LibreSew LokaMade Lumber and Dexters Deli.

“There’s no Mexican food better than the food in San Diego,” said Jose Rojano in explaining why Lucha Libre, a taco shop in Hillcrest, was chosen. “There are so many cultures coming together here.”

An estimated 400 people attended interactive training on Monday and more were expected Tuesday.

Shari Marks, a wellness coach with Optavia in Encinitas, praised the training for its interactivity. She said she was focusing on Instagram to reach a Millennial audience.

Facebook was offering attendees professional Facebook profile photos, help improving their businesses’ pages and training on “how to become an Instagram expert.”

San Diego is the 26th City on Facebook’s 50-city Community Boost tour.

“We have a major commitment to small businesses,” said Doug Frisbie, Facebook’s marketing director for small business. “We’re inspired by what small businesses can do using Facebook.”

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