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By Blair Giesen

What if you made something hot and energizing that allowed you to get going in the direction you want every day as well as in life. Then you added some of the best and most experienced surfers, skateboarders and snowboarders. Add in the best parts of the individualism, adrenaline and vibe of San Diego and North County’s Encinitas and put it in an amazing tasting drink that you could consume daily.

A company right here in Encinitas is doing just that. It’s called Marea Coffee. Marea means “the tide” in Spanish and “the sea” in another language. Marea is a company that’s importing, roasting and packaging some of the freshest coffee around, and they’ll even bring it right to your door.

The team that’s makes the coffee is part mad scientist, part conservationist, part humanitarian and part extreme athlete. They roast locally and practice sustainability, and in the end it tastes great!

I caught up with the founders of Marea Coffee, Greyson Adams and Greg Moser, along with the coolest web designer ever, Reyjay Solares, to discuss what they were up to. They’ve got a pretty typical background of experience in more corporate jobs, but wanted to get back to their surfing roots and the healthy lifestyle that is so common in Encinitas while doing something they could turn into a brand that would support the lifestyle and people they love and share it with the rest of the world

Moser explained that he loves doing events and pouring free coffee to spread the good feeling and taste of Marea Coffee. Their team of surf, skate, ski and other extreme and influential athletes travels the world tasting coffee and bringing those experiences and influences into into the coffee they make. These guys aren’t just locals, they are founders of the company and include locals Rob Machado and Danny Way

If you want to catch a wave, catch a vibe or just drink a great cup of coffee that embodies the San Diego and Encinitas experience, try a Marea Coffee. You’ll be stoked you did.

Blair Giesen is a San Diego-based media and marketing consultant and startup business enthusiast. His column, The Local – Businesses & Strategies That Count, appears bi-weekly in Times of San Diego and explores the stories of local San Diego companies that are doing amazing things. If you have a company you think is doing something amazing, send him a message or connect on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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