A Qualcomm sign in front of one of its many buildings in San Diego. REUTERS/Mike Blake

The San Diego-based Qualcomm Foundation Friday announced a $1 million donation for disaster relief associated with the massive Hurricane Irma and other Atlantic-ocean storms.

The donation is going to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy of Washington, D.C., for long-term recovery efforts, Qualcomm Executive Vice President Michelle Sterling said.

The money is in addition to the $1 million pledged by the maker of mobile device technology for Hurricane Harvey relief. That storm caused severe flooding on the Texas Gulf Coast and a portion of Louisiana.

“The Center for Disaster Philanthropy will strategically direct our funds to disaster-response organizations and maximize long-term recovery,” Sterling said. “Qualcomm will also expand the list of eligible organizations for its previously announced employee matching grant of $250,000 to include national and global organizations.”

According to the center, about 70 to 80 percent of money donated in the wake of a disaster goes to near-term relief, but disaster recovery requires long-term, sustained work.

“In a case like Harvey it’s going to take months and probably years to get kids back in school, get businesses open again, solve all the many housing problems, and for this effort there’s usually very little philanthropic support,” CDP President and CEO Bob Ottenhoff said.

In the case of 2005’s Hurricane Katrina, the damage was so extensive that volunteers from San Diego traveled to Mississippi for 10 years following the storm to help with rebuilding efforts.

—City News Service

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