A Southwest Airlines jet on a runway. Photo credit: Stephen M. Keller/Southwest Airlines

Several Southwest Airlines flights, including one out of San Diego, were targeted Monday by online threats, according to broadcast reports.

One of the menacing messages, posted via Twitter, stated “I have a massive semi-nuclear explosive on-board flight 4200 from San Diego to Dallas — if this fails, I will shoot the plane,” according to NBC San Diego.

The flight, which left Lindbergh Field in the late afternoon and was scheduled to land in Texas in the early evening, was not diverted, according to the airline.

Southwest Airlines issued the following statement regarding the incident: “Any threat or alleged threat against the safety of our employees, customers, or aircraft is a matter we take very seriously. We are working with the relevant authorities to ensure the safety of this and every flight. It is our policy not to further comment on matters of security.”

— City News Service