San Diego Air & Space Museum
The San Diego Air & Space Museum. Courtesy of the museum

Santa Claus, naturally, like, say, the Wright brothers, had an original sleigh – the Santa One.

The San Diego Air & Space Museum has proudly announced that the venue is now its permanent home, as Santa “specifically chose San Diego and the Air & Space Museum, where young boys and girls can visit it often.”

Of course, after several round-the-world trips, the Santa One needed a little work and museum officials said they “lovingly restored” it in the museum’s “world-famous restoration shop.”

The sleigh, which includes red paint and gold trim and lettering, will sit in the Balboa Park museum’s rotunda through the holidays.  

The museum, which honors pioneers, also acknowledged “Santa as perhaps the world’s oldest and greatest aviator of all time.”

Other holiday attractions at the museum include a patriotic Christmas tree featuring a complete set of the 40 official White House Christmas ornaments provided by the White House Historical Foundation and the original copy of the first printing of The Night Before Christmas, written by Professor CC Moore in Philadelphia in 1892.