Brandy Eide, deputy CEO at the San Diego Botanic Garden measures the corpse plant earlier this month. Photo credit: Courtesy, SDBG

It’s a thriller on Halloween night – and an odiferous one at that.

The rare corpse flower at the San Diego Botanic Garden, officials announced Sunday, would come into full bloom in time for the fright-fullest night of the year.

Don’t wait on it though. The flower generally only blooms every four or five years, and the fully opened bloom lasts just 48 hours. It last did so locally in 2018.

“It is taking center stage today with its incredible bloom and stench. We couldn’t be more excited for everyone to come see this amazing plant in its full glory, but hurry up! It’s a short show,” said garden president and CEO, Ari Novy.

The corpse flower plant is named after its foul-smelling scent. Spooky: fans deem the bloom’s scent the ‘smell of death.’

The garden will be open for viewings of the rare corpse flower from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Halloween and Monday.

To purchase garden tickets or to check out a live stream of the bloom, see the garden’s corpse flower page.

The garden, on 37 acres in North County, is the only one known in greater San Diego to grow the exotic and endangered species.

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