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The San Diego Music Awards will shine the spotlight on guitarist Jerry Raney, who was recently honored at the Grammy Museum, with a lifetime achievement award.

Raney played with a variety of bands, most notably the Beat Farmers (the current incarnation is known as the Farmers).

Founded in 1983, the roots-rock band brought his music before international audiences, via six albums and numerous tours. He also played with the Roosters, Thee Dark Ages, Blues Messenger, Glory, Jerry Raney & The Shames and Powerthud.

“Can that boy play or what!” Chuck Berry exclaimed to an enthusiastic crowd, following a blistering solo from Raney, who led Berry’s backing band at a Jack Murphy Stadium concert on May 3, 1982.

The music show’s organizers noted “Raney’s expressive playing, (which) has made him a guitar hero as well as a rare musician where just about everything he’s released is a worthy addition to a rock fan’s music collection.”

Raney, 71, who spent some of his formative years in El Centro, still performs with the Farmers, and remains a favorite at venues throughout the Southland. The Farmers are still releasing music, most recently, “Farmers SD” in 2018.

In honor of Raney’s long career, the music awards will present him with the Country Dick Montana Lifetime Achievement Award. Montana, who died in 1995, was Raney’s former bandmate with the Beat Farmers.

After a break in 2020 due to the pandemic, the 30th annual music awards return with a full-capacity ceremony on the outdoor stage at Humphreys by the Bay on Aug. 24.

The show benefits the San Diego Music Foundation’s Guitars for Schools program. Tickets are on sale online.

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