Dancers at work at Culture Shock Dance Center. The owners plan to close this month. Photo credit:

Culture Shock Dance Center near Old Town has announced its upcoming closure, just before Christmas, due to the pandemic.

In a Facebook post, center officials offered their thanks to the community and the “extended Shock Family:”

“The time has come for us to announce that Culture Shock Dance Center will be closing December 17, 2020. We would like to take a moment to thank, our past & present managers, desk staff, instructors, scholarship students, teaching assistants, students, volunteers, parents, Shock Army Members, Culture Shock San Diego Members, Teams in Residence, Photographers, Videographers (special thanks to Tim Kobayashi for this video), DJs, Artists, Freestyle Community, Donors, Vendors, Special Guests, & last but not least extended Shock Family.”

In an interview with NBC San Diego, center founder Angela Bunch said that federal aid and donations were not enough with revenues down steeply due to public health shutdowns.

“We’re so compelled to stay open, beat the odds, climb this mountain and overall serve our community, but all the while we’re operating at 10 percent income and yet we’re still at 100 percent of expense,” Bunch told the station.

In the Facebook post, officials wrote, “it has been our honor to dance with you.” Bunch though, said she hopes to re-launch the urban and hiphop dance studio.

“I would like to come back,” she told NBC. “That’s my goal.”

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