Results Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Cobie Smulders, Guy Pearce Movie HD

By Megan Bianco

Last year the indie comedy “Chef” was the sleeper hit for the movie season, and in part because of the impressive cast of A-listers like Jon Favreau, Sofía Vergara, Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson. The film wasn’t brilliant or a masterpiece by any means, but it was entertaining and amusing enough for an hour and a half on a weekend. This summer’s equivalent belongs to Andrew Bujalski’s “Results,” and does for personal training, what “Chef” did for food trucks.

In Austin, TX, the three protagonists of “Results,” Kat (Cobie Smulders), Trevor (Guy Pearce) and Danny (Kevin Corrigan) are all dealing with different, yet similar dilemmas. Trevor owns a local gym, and wants to turn it into a full-blown brand. Kat is a good personal trainer, but her customers are intimidated by her ‘tough love’ technique. Sometimes she and Trevor hook up after hours. Danny is lazy and depressed because his wife recently left him, and thinks getting into shape will help him cope better than therapy. When Kat decides to take on the role as Danny’s trainer he not only becomes motivated to exercise, but also is attracted to her.

Giovanni Ribisi co-stars as Danny’s pot-smoking buddy, and Brooklyn Decker and Anthony Michael Hall are a married couple Trevor befriends. Bujalski’s new film is his most commercial after the low-profile, indie comedies “Funny Ha Ha (2002) and “Mutual Appreciation (2005). Though it can appear at times to be some kind of subtle product placement for gyms or working out, there are intriguing characters and interesting situations regarding socializing and intimate relationships. The title itself sounds like it could be either a reference to a pregnancy test or being fit if you didn’t know what the film is about.

Smulders is very believable as a hard-ass instructor after spending the last three years as Agent Hill in Marvel’s Avengers movies, and Guy Pearce is surprisingly allowed to use his natural Australian accent for a rare time on film. Corrigan has the most shocking actor-to-role transformation as he’s supposed to be seen as not only anti-social, but 10 pounds overweight.

The love triangle does slope a little in the second half and it feels like Bujalski had trouble figuring out what to do with Danny once he started exercising. But the chemistry between Pearce and Smulders is good enough to keep watching. “Results isn’t one of the best movies, but it’s a movie that can be best enjoyed at home on a whim, while channel surfing, especially by those who are into working out.

Megan Bianco is a Southern California-based movie reviewer and content writer with a degree from California State University Northridge.