The spot-fin porcupinefish rescued by SeaWorld San Diego in this photo released by the rescuers.

SeaWorld San Diego has rescued a rare spot-fin porcupinefish found swimming near the surface off Point Loma far from its normal tropical habitat.

It is the fourth rare fish spotted in the San Diego area over the past month. Two deep-water Pacific footballfish and a lancetfish made headlines when they were found earlier.

SeaWorld said the porcupine fish appeared stunned by the cold water temperature. The fish was observed just below the surface for three days before being collected by SeaWorld staff.

The species is native to tropical and subtropical waters and can reach nearly three feet in length.

“While not as rare as the other three fish found recently, it’s extremely uncommon in San Diego waters during this time of year due to the cold temperatures,” SeaWorld said.

The fish remains under close supervision and is still being treated. 

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Chris Jennewein

Chris Jennewein is Editor & Publisher of Times of San Diego.