Steve Aoki and Cristiano Amon. Photo via @Qualcomm Twitter

A conversation between San Diego-based Qualcomm CEO-elect Cristiano Amon and DJ and music programmer, Steve Aoki, will air Friday during South by Southwest Online.

Amon and Aoki discussed the impact 5G will have on the entertainment industry, particularly the live music experience, according to wireless pioneer Qualcomm.

“People will continue to consume music in phones and 5G will extend that experience to concerts,” Amon said. “People will experience 4K high-definition, and in some cases full immersive experiences with VR devices and interact with their favorite artists in real-time.”

From evolving what it means to create a music video, to transforming the concert experience for fans worldwide, Amon and Aoki cover the future of entertainment in a 5G world.

“If I don’t have the tech and capabilities, if I’m sitting and waiting for things to download, I’m stuck in a bottleneck of creativity,” Aoki said. “5G will make my life more streamlined and efficient.”

The public can register to watch Friday’s virtual session on the SXSW website. The annual music, film, and digital conference based in Austin, Texas, runs online through Saturday.

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