Qualcomm headquarters in Sorrento Valley
Qualcomm headquarters in Sorrento Valley. Courtesy of the company

Information technology and cybersecurity officials from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security are touring local companies to view new and developing technologies.

More than 30 senior federal officials from the federal government and branches of the U.S. military began touring Qualcomm, Redhorse, Shield AI, Teradata, Analytics Ventures and Walmart Labs on Monday with support from the Cyber Center of Excellence and the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corp.

The two-day tour included demonstrations of artificial intelligence, machine learning, 5G wireless phone service and data analytics, allowing federal officials to see the evolution of the San Diego region’s technology sector. DHS is co-leading the trip with the department’s Science and Technology Directorate.

“The Science and Technology Directorate seeks opportunities to make connections, share ideas and discuss best practices and new capabilities with cybersecurity professionals from across government, industry, academia and the international community,” said William Bryan, a senior DHS official performing the duties of the under secretary for science and technology.

The visit helps local technology companies gain a new perspective on their work and fosters continued collaboration between federal agencies and local technology companies, according to the CCOE. The tours benefit the city of San Diego’s “Secure San Diego” program to make the region a go-to hub for cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies.

“For (DHS Chief Information Officer John Zangardi), Mr. Bryan and other high-ranking federal IT leadership to take an interest in what San Diego continues to do to support innovation and technology development means a great deal,” said CCOE Chairman and President Ken Slaght. “San Diego plays a significant role in cyber preparedness for the nation and will continue strengthening these efforts well into the future.”

— City News Service

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