Aethlon Medical's Hemopurifier blood filtration system.
Aethlon Medical’s Hemopurifier blood filtration system.

A San Diego company’s blood filtration system figured in the successful treatment of a critically-ill patient with Ebola, a German doctor said Friday.

Aethlon Medical Inc.‘s Hemopurifier was used in the successful treatment of the patient in Frankfurt, Germany, according to Dr. Helmut Geiger, of Frankfurt University Hospital.

Geiger reported at a medical conference that 242 million copies of the Ebola virus were captured within the filter during treatment. The patient is no longer infected with Ebola and is expected to make a full recovery.

The patient, a Ugandan physician who was infected in Sierra Leone, was not administered Hemopurifier therapy until 12 days after being diagnosed. At the time he was unconscious and suffering from multiple organ failure.

The patient’s viral load prior to a 6.5-hour treatment was measured 400,000 virus copies per milliliter of blood and afterward was measured at 1,000 copies per millimeter.

“The rate of viral load reduction and magnitude of Ebola virus captured within the Hemopurifier is quite remarkable when considering the lethality of Ebola infection and the compromised health of the patient,” said James A. Joyce, Chairman and CEO of Aethlon Medical.  “We’re thrilled for the patient and applaud the tireless effort of physicians in Frankfurt who helped to save the patient’s life.”

Aethlon will soon begin the first U.S. clinical studies of the device, which can also be used to treat HIV and Hepatitis C.

Chris Jennewein

Chris Jennewein is Editor & Publisher of Times of San Diego.