Former Chargers head coach Mike McCoy, Philip Rivers, LaDainian Tomlinson and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell were all smiles at the launch of the stadium ballot drive in 2016. Photo by Chris Stone

A football writers group has honored former Charger Philip Rivers with the organization’s Good Guy Award for his positive treatment of reporters.

Rivers, 39, who retired in January after spending most of his career in San Diego, received the award from the Pro Football Writers of America, according to the Associated Press.

The quarterback played 13 years with the San Diego Chargers before the team moved to Los Angeles. He stayed with the Chargers for three more seasons before playing his final season with the Indianapolis Colts.

Rivers and the Colts made the playoffs, but lost to Buffalo 27-24. He took the Chargers to the playoffs seven times, and all the way to the AFC championship game in 2008.

He was selected for the Pro Bowl eight times, and ranks fifth all-time among quarterbacks for total passing yards, at 63,440, behind Brett Favre and ahead of Dan Marino. He’s also fifth all-time for touchdown passes, with 421 and pass completions, with 5,277.

“Throughout his career, in good times and bad, Philip Rivers was unwavering in his professionalism in dealing with the media,” said Sam Farmer, a Los Angeles Times writer, told the AP. “He was accessible and thoughtful, and more than that, he was a really good guy. That set the tone for the entire locker room and, by and large, his teammates followed his lead.”

The writers group hands out the Good Guy Award to an NFL player for “his qualities and professional style in helping pro football writers do their jobs.”

The only Charger – LaDainian Tomlinson – to win the award, did so in 2007. As a Charger, Rivers was a finalist a number of years, including 2012, 2019 and 2020.

In his retirement message in January, Rivers said, “Thank you God for allowing me to live out my childhood dream of playing quarterback in the NFL. I am grateful to the Chargers for 16 seasons, and the Colts for the 17th season.”

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