Landon Donovan, coach of San Diego Loyal Soccer Club, works at home. He’s also a co-owner and executive VP of soccer operations. Photo via the Landon family

A month ago, the San Diego Loyal soccer club was to play Rio Grande Valley at Torero Stadium. Of course, COVID-19 canceled that match — and a number of others.

“The March 28 international friendly versus Xolos de Tijuana and regular season matches through May 10 are postponed with dates to be announced,” the team said, noting the Rio Grande game has been reset for July 29 — for now.

But Landon Donovan, the Loyal’s 38-year-old coach and part owner, can already claim a title for his new club.

On Sunday, the Norwegian-based FotMob soccer-score site and app declared victory for the Loyal. Its crest, or logo, was named inaugural winner of the “World Cup of Club Crests.”

The Loyal beat Wisconsin-based Forward Madison Football Club in a Twitter poll — with 2,372 users favoring San Diego 50.3% to 49.7%. (Forward plays in USL League One, a professional Division III league affiliated with USL Championship and Major League Soccer.)

Donovan — arguably the greatest American soccer player — completed our questionnaire at his San Diego home before results were released. But having pledged $300 to various charities if his crest won, he’ll likely be using his laptop to spread the joy.

Times of San Diego: How are you working during this pandemic? What telework tools are you using?

Landon Donovan: Like most people, Zoom and GoToMeeting have become my best friends. I check in with my staff weekly and with the players individually throughout the week. Otherwise, I’m using the time to catch up on planning and preparations for when we return to play.

How many in your household — number of kids and adults? How are you all getting along?

I have a wife and three young children all under 5 years of age. Needless to say, we like each other some of the time and can’t stand each other the rest of the time! In some ways, it’s been great to spend more time together and in other ways, it’s driving us insane!

How are you getting food and other necessities? How often do you personally go out, or are you taking delivery mostly?

We are eating out a little more often than usual, probably two or three times per week. The other nights we cook at home. My wife goes to the grocery store every few days but we are otherwise bunkered at home.

Aside from official local, state and government channels, how are you getting news about the outbreak? How much social media do you use?

I get most of my news from television and then I try to read a lot of articles from experts. There has been so much misinformation about this disease that I try to find reputable sources and listen to what they have to say/write.

How do you ward off negative emotions — fear, anxiety, depression? What steps are you taking to preserve mental and physical health?

Getting outside every day for a period of time has really helped my sanity. I don’t have any fears surrounding the disease and thus have little anxiety as well. As someone who has been prone to depression in their life, I make sure that I get as much sunlight, exercise and fresh air as possible.

What else do you want people to know about your own personal response to the outbreak?

The uncertainty has been the most difficult part. As I’ve come to grips with the realization that this is going to last a while, I am settling into a new normal that allows me to relax, meditate, read and just enjoy the little things in life. It’s actually been quite refreshing.

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