Jordan Byrd celebrates after scoring for the Aztecs, before the team extended its lead over New Mexico State to 24-0. Photo credit: Screenshot, @SDSUFootball, via Twitter

San Diego State traveled to New Mexico and beat the Aggies 31-10 Saturday, relying on running backs Jordan Byrd and Chance Bell, who both rushed for more than 100 yards.

The win gave the Aztecs a 3-0 record, along with their eighth straight victory over New Mexico State.

Byrd, returning to his home state, lead the team with 128 yards rushing, followed by Bell with 116.

San Diego State faced a team in Las Cruces coming off two lopsided losses against top-ranked opponents. New Mexico State opened the season with a 58-7 thrashing by Washington State, now ranked No. 20. Last week, No. 2 ranked Alabama crushed them 62-10.

The Aztecs, on the other hand, were riding high, boosted by last week’s first-ever victory, 23-14, over UCLA, after 22 tries.

Quarterback Ryan Agnew said earlier in the week that the team “improved on everything” in week 2. The UCLA win followed an anemic 6-0 victory over Weber State to open the season.

Cornerback Kyree Woods agreed, saying that those type of wins “just motivates us to go harder see our potential just go through the roof and just try and get better each week.”

The Aztecs play Utah State (2-0) at home next week in their first Mountain West showdown of the season.

– Staff reports

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