San Diego Yacht Club Olympic Classes Regatta
Crews compete as part of the Snipe North American Championship at the San Diego Yacht Club. Photo credit: San Diego Yacht Club

Wind conditions scrambled the finishes at the Snipe North American Championship at the San Diego Yacht Club over the weekend.

Light winds changed everything though on Sunday as 11 Snipes wrapped up the three-day competition.

Enrique Quintero and Kathleen Tocke finished first overall, staying in the top three through the weekend’s seven races.

“The key to our success today was boat speed and just staying focused,” Quintero said. “Basically, just being able to get on the next shift before everyone else.”

A trio of entrants – Peter Commette and Allie Shand, George Szabo and Dianna Waterbury, and Doug Hart and Diego Escobar – battled hard for the next top slots.

After Sunday’s final race, Commette and his 12-year-old crew member, Shand, secured second place.

“We helped make some of our own luck today. We stood up and looked at the smoke coming off a freighter waiting to come in to dock. The smoke was dead to the left of our wind, so we went left on the first beat,” Commette said.

Szabo and Waterbury finished third.

“Today it mixed up a lot. You had people in the front that hadn’t been in the front before, and that’s really good for the class,” Tocke said.

The San Diego Yacht Club played host to the championship as a part of the Olympic Classes Regatta.

– Staff reports