Kawhi Leonard
Which uniform will he wear come fall? Last season, Kawhi Leonard, during the NBA Finals last month, repped the Toronto Raptors. Now the Raptors, Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers are in hot pursuit for the free agent. Photo credit: Prensa Internacional/Zuma Press/Icon Sportswire)

San Diego State justifiably showed its pride when former Aztec Kawhi Leonard led the Toronto Raptors to the team’s first-ever NBA championship.

The free agent now has become the most sought-after player of the NBA off-season. But as the Los Angeles Times reports, as usual, he’s not showing his cards.

The Raptors desperately want him back, while both Los Angeles teams just as dearly want to lure him to the City of Angels.

Former NBA star, and now ESPN host, Jalen Rose tweeted Thursday that he’s “99%  hearing” that Leonard will choose Toronto. Still, hiphop stars like Drake, an uber-Raptors fan, and Snoop Dogg, pro-Lakers, reportedly mounted campaigns to lure Leonard.

To learn more about the elusive Leonard, the LA Times contacted the then-San Diego State assistant coach who helped recruit the prep star to the College Area.

It appears Leonard, known for his reluctance to talk to the media and desire to keep his own counsel, has been ever thus. Justin Hutson told the publication Leonard would not answer his phone then. He had to have high school officials give him a hand to locate the young man to make contact for SDSU.

“He’s going to make [his decision] on his own terms, his own time,” Hutson told the LA Times. “He’s going to talk to the people important to him about it. He’s not going to be out leaking every little bit or have an announcement.”

Hutson, now Fresno State’s head coach, offered other insights into Leonard. He doesn’t “waste words” and “he does have a personality. He has a really good personality. He’s just not going to volunteer it.”

– Staff reports