Mayor Todd Gloria and City Council President Sean Elo-Rivera announced in a joint statement Monday they will bring an amended Housing Action Package 2.0 proposal for San Diego City Council consideration in December — much sooner than expected.

Gloria’s package of incentives to increase housing inventory for San Diegans including homeless individuals, college students and middle-income residents was struck down in a contentious public meeting last week.

The plan drew controversy because it would allow developers to build market-rate and required affordable housing in different areas, potentially reinforcing existing patterns of low-income housing.

“The package will include amendments aimed at achieving our shared goal of increasing housing opportunities for people of all income levels in all San Diego communities,” Gloria and Elo-Rivera stated regarding the revised plan.

“The lack of affordable housing in San Diego is connected to every major challenge our city faces, and we must increase housing supply in order to bring down housing costs. This Housing Action Package will help us do just that.”

Councilmember Monica Montgomery Steppe said last week she couldn’t vote for the package unless affordable housing was built alongside market-rate units to ensure “true integration” in communities.

The package also drew criticism from residents of single-family neighborhoods who oppose higher-density development.