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San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister has reminded residents that they have until Thursday to file a claim for a share of $543,171 in unclaimed monies.

If they miss the deadline, the money will be rolled into the county general fund.

To view a list of the 1,056 unclaimed refunds, go to the Treasurer-Tax Collector’s web site.

Alternatively, hard copies of the list are available at the Treasurer-Tax Collector’s office locations.

“The holidays will be here before we know it; I’m sure people can use extra money,” McAllister said. “If you have done business with the county in the last three years, including paying property taxes, you could be on the unclaimed monies list.”

Each year, the Treasurer-Tax Collector and other county departments have thousands of dollars that are owed to taxpayers. This usually results from warrants/checks that are undeliverable by the postal service, according to McAllister’s office.

“My staff and I are working hard to return this money to the citizens of San Diego,” McAllister said. “The average refund is $998.76, and that can go a long way for those who are the rightful owners and who need it.”

Current state law says countywide money that is unclaimed for three years and property tax refunds that are unclaimed for four years must be turned over to the county’s general fund.

You can email your claim to or call 1-877-829- 4732 for more information.

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