Retired Gen. Michael Flynn was gifted a shiny white surfboard with a “HIS GLORY” logo. Eric Trump was given a huge painting of his father, Donald Trump, seated with a large Q above his left shoulder.

As featured speakers Friday at the ReAwaken America Tour, the 63-year-old Flynn and 38-year-old Trump gave their Democrat-bashing best to a large audience at Awaken Church in San Marcos. (Headliner Roger Stone was slotted hours earlier.)

The short-lived Trump national security adviser — who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI but was pardoned by his ex-boss — said people in charge of the U.S. government were intentionally trying to destroy the country.

He spoke repeatedly about accountability.

“I will either get, personally, accountability of the people that persecuted me — either at the Gates of Heaven — which I won’t let them in unless the Lord tells me to let them in — or I will meet them at the Gates of Hell,” he said.

Flynn noted that he appeared Thursday before the congressional committee investigating the Capitol insurrection.

“I went and did my little deposition yesterday … for the 1/6 committee,” he said. “I sat for … five or six hours and I pled the Fifth.”

Times of San Diego monitored a livestream of both far-right luminaries via as each spoke for a little over a half-hour — introduced by event organizer and emcee Clay Clark, the Oklahoma podcaster.

(They followed a succession of anti-vaxxers, immigration/border hawks and exposers of “election fraud.” Awaken Church co-pastor Jurgen Matthesius gave a talk likening America to Samson of the Bible — with Democrats as hair-shearing Delilahs.)

Clark “just whispered that our peak numbers [were] between 1 and 3 million people who watch this thing” online, Flynn said. (Saturday’s finale, with Flynn closing but no Trump or Stone listed, is sold out as well.)

Flynn began by revealing he’s been a surfer for more than 50 years (but not for a while). He invited attendees to join him at “Del Mar Beach” (apparently Seagrove Park) around 7 a.m. Saturday for a paddle out from 15th Street.

“That’s my safe space,” he said of wave-riding. “That’s how I get away from all the FBI guys.”

With Ashli Babbitt’s mother and widower present, Flynn saluted the former Ocean Beach resident who died after being shot attempting to break through doors protecting members of Congress.

“We don’t really learn about them till later on,” he said. “We look back on historical times. And Ashli Babbitt is going to be one of those great historical figures in our … country’s life.”

Flynn mocked 2020 election results and Joe Biden’s supporters.

“During Christmas a couple of month back, I didn’t see any stores selling ‘Build Back Better’ T-shirts,” he said, stirring laughter from a thinning “remnant” crowd 13 hours after doors opened at 6 a.m. “If there was 81 million people [who voted for Biden], at least 40 million would be wearing hats.”

But he conceded: “Constitutionally, did we follow a process? Yes, we did. … Now we have to look forward.”

In a tone of horror, Flynn asserted that almost 3 million people from 151 countries crossed the southern border this year, “and we’re going to spend billions of dollars in Ukraine?” (He didn’t specify whether they were illegal crossers.)

Eric Trump spent a good amount of time looking back — and criticizing Californians Kamala Harris (while mispronouncing the vice president’s name) and Nancy Pelosi.

He said the 81-year-old House speaker was looking to buy a $25 million home in Florida — a mile away from his home in Jupiter. The crowd began a chant of “Lock her up.” (In fact, the mansion story has been debunked as “completely false.”)

He also misfired by saying people want to rename Camp Pendleton and other bases “because these names hurt someone’s feelings.”

(Trump confused a campaign in Virginia to rename Camp Pendleton military reservation, honoring a Confederate Army artillery chief, with the North County Marine base named for Gen. Joseph H. Pendleton of World War I.)

And Trump told how a female professor at his alma mater, Georgetown University, said that “all white males need to be castrated. I kid you not.” And that she went unpunished for the sake of academic freedom.

(In fact, the professor, Carol Christine Fair, was decrying only GOP senators who backed Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court and was suspended from teaching for a tweet that said: “Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine? Yes.”)

Trump said Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg  took three months of paternity leave amid the backup of container ships at SoCal ports. (In fact, Buttigieg took four weeks’ leave but was involved in major agency decisions.) And he said gas prices were $7 or $8 a gallon in Los Angeles and San Diego. (The average price here is $5.75, says AAA.)

Trump said his father was moved to seek the White House after viewing a “60 Minutes” segment exposing America’s poor upkeep of nuclear missile silos.

“How in the world can we possibly broadcast this weakness to all our enemies around the world?” the head-in-hands father supposedly told the son. “That’s when he decided he wanted to run.”

The segment first aired in April 2014. But a New York Times story on the evolution of Trump’s interest in the presidency quoted Newt Gingrich as pointing to Iowa in January 2015: “That’s the first time I thought, you know, he is really thinking about running.”

But the younger Trump gave no hints about a 2024 White House run by his 75-year-old father.

Instead, he said: “We’re going to absolutely spank these guys in ’22. Please don’t lose hope. We will get these guys again.”

But Flynn, whose talk ended around 7:30 p.m., was still looking back at 2020.

“Incredible amount of lawfare going against us,” he said regarding election audits in Wisconsin, Arizona and Georgia. “We’re still at this. We’re not going to give up. .. Follow a path of righteousness.”

He praised the Christian community for “getting up off their rear ends.”

Eric Frederick Trump was less generous about his host state: “I’m so mad at California. … What are you doing with politicians? … California isn’t blue — it’s corrupt.”

Updated at 1:59 p.m. March 12, 2022