Christina Bobb in a December 2020 segment of her show "Weekly Briefing" on OAN.
Former Mission Valley resident Christina Bobb in a December 2020 segment of her show “Weekly Briefing” on OAN. Image via

A reporter for San Diego’s One America News Network is among six people subpoenaed by the congressional committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Letter to Christina Bobb of OAN (PDF)

The panel said Tuesday it had issued subpoenas to OAN’s Christina Bobb and five others who promoted false claims that the 2020 presidential election was fraudulent and took part in, or encouraged, actions based on those false claims.

The letter demands Washington-based Bobb, 39, produce documents by March 15 and sit for a deposition March 23.

“The Select Committee’s investigation has revealed credible evidence that you publicly promoted claims that the November 2020 election was stolen and participated in attempts to disrupt or delay the certification of the election results based on those claims,” the letter said.

“In addition, you were reportedly involved in efforts to draft an executive order for President Trump that would have directed federal agencies to seize voting machines in numerous contested states to collect evidence of purported election fraud.”

Citing media reports, the panel said Bobb also was present in the “war room” of Rudy Giuliani’s legal team Jan. 6, 2021, in the Willard Hotel in Washington.

Bobb also is being sued by Dominion Voting Systems. (Times of San Diego has reached out to Bobb and her employer for comment.)

According to her old federal biography, Bobb holds an MBA from San Diego State University and law degree from California Western School of Law in San Diego.

“Christina spent several years as a civil litigation attorney, representing clients in all stages of trial, negotiations, mediations and arbitration at the law firm Higgs, Fletcher & Mack LLP in San Diego…. Most recently, Christina clerked at the Office of Legal Counsel for the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy,” said a bio during her time as executive secretary for the Department of Homeland Security.

The individuals subpoenaed included Cleta Mitchell, a lawyer who advised former President Trump.

Subpoenas also were sent to Trump campaign attorney Kenneth Chesebro, Washington lobbyist and attorney Katherine Friess, Kurt Olsen, a private attorney who contacted Department of Justice officials on Trump’s behalf, and Phillip Kline, the former attorney general of Kansas.

“The Select Committee is seeking information about attempts to disrupt or delay the certification of electoral votes and any efforts to corruptly change the outcome of the 2020 election,” Democratic Representative Bennie Thompson, chairman of the Jan. 6 Select Committee, said in a statement.

“The six individuals we’ve subpoenaed today all have knowledge related to those matters and will help the Select Committee better understand all the various strategies employed to potentially affect the outcome of the election,” Thompson said.

The committee is trying to establish the actions of Trump and his inner circle during the assault on the Capitol by thousands of his supporters.

They attacked police, vandalized the Capitol and sent members of Congress and then-Vice President Mike Pence running for their lives as they gathered to certify Democrat Joe Biden’s presidential election victory over Trump.

The Select Committee has so far interviewed more than 560 witnesses, issued more than 80 subpoenas and obtained more than 50,000 pages of records as it probes the causes of the assault on the Capitol, and the role played by Trump, who continues to push false claims that his election defeat by Biden was the result of fraud.

Reuters contributed to this report.