Rental apartments available through the San Diego Housing Commission
Rental apartments available through the San Diego Housing Commission. Courtesy SDHC

A new San Diego City Council committee will consider reforms to the San Diego Housing Commission amid concerns about property transactions and the performance of the commission’s CEO.

“This mission of this committee is to strengthen the San Diego Housing Commission’s governance so it has the solid foundation needed to make housing more affordable and end the homelessness crisis,” said Council President Sean Elo-Rivera on Tuesday.

Councilmembers Stephen Whitburn, Chris Cate, Joe LaCava and Marni von Wilpert will serve on the Select Committee on San Diego Housing Commission Oversight and Reform.

The commission and CEO Rick Gentry have been the target of criticism after news that a broker hired by the commission invested heavily in a company that owned a Mission Valley hotel prior to its purchase for affordable housing.

“Unfortunately, we have reached a point where the current system is not working as well as it should,” said Cate. “As a member of the select committee, I’m committed to identifying opportunities to improve the housing commission’s efficiency and impact on San Diego’s most vulnerable residents.”

The housing commission currently manages 168 properties with 3,732 affordable housing units in low- and high-rise apartments and single-family homes.

Chris Jennewein is Editor & Publisher of Times of San Diego.