Kevin Faulconer
Kevin Faulconer. Campaign photo

Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer on Monday challenged Gov. Gavin Newsom to a television debate and threatened a lawsuit over his description on the recall election ballot.

Faulconer described himself as the “leading candidate” among the 41 on the ballot and called for two individual debates with Newsom, one in Spanish through Univision and another in English on another network. 

“I’m not afraid to stand on my record and my ideas. If Gavin Newsom wants to remain in office, he should be willing to do the same,” said Faulconer.

He also promised to separately debate other candidates on the crowded ballot, which asks first whether Newsom should be recalled and then, if a majority agree to recall, who should succeed him.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of State informed the Faulconer’s campaign that “retired San Diego Mayor” was under dispute due to the use of the word “retired.”

“This is not fair to voters who should be given accurate information as to who the candidates for this recall actually are. Our campaign is suing the Secretary of State to ensure that this is rectified,” said John Burke, the campaign’s communications director.

Newsom has also run afoul of ballot description rules and will not be listed as a Democrat on the ballot because his campaign was late in providing party affiliation.

The recall election is scheduled for Sept. 14 and all California voters are due to receive mail ballots.

Chris Jennewein is Editor & Publisher of Times of San Diego.