Will Seykora, who will lead the local GOP's San Diego News Desk website, has worked with several Republican candidates
Will Seykora, who will lead the local GOP’s San Diego News Desk website, has worked with several Republican candidates. Image via Facebook

Last October, as he finished up political science studies at Palomar College, Will Seykora created the Twitter account @Seykora4CA for the sake of a high school dream.

“Seykora intends to run for a seat in the House of Representatives with hopes of also being a presidential candidate,” said a June 2019 “senior spotlight” profile in the Mission Hills High School paper in San Marcos.

The would-be candidate’s Twitter account has no followers.

But Seykora has a readership now — at least since becoming communications director for the Republican Party of San Diego County, where he’ll helm San Diego News Desk — the GOP’s news and opinion site. His first bylined post — appearing Tuesday — was headlined: “Biden Proves He is Not in Control of His Presidency.”

He formally took over this week after the previous PR chief, recent SDSU graduate Michael Palomba, switched to membership director of the local GOP.

Like Palomba, Seykora rose through the ranks of party interns.

“I’ve been involved in politics for over 3 years now,” Seykora wrote in his LinkedIn profile. “I’ve worked on both local and federal campaigns and worked alongside many local leaders. In 2018, I was recognized by the San Diego Republican Party for my hard work and dedication during the 2018 election season.”

He said he won multiple leadership awards at Mission Hills High.

In late 2018, he said, he volunteered with Diane Harkey for Congress — his “first experience volunteering/working in politics … I mainly contacted voters through phone.”

From July through November 2020, he says, he was field director for state Sen. John Moorlach, who lost his seat by about 2 percentage points to Democrat Dave Min in the 37th District, which includes Irvine, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach and Villa Park.

Seykora didn’t respond to email and voice mail requests for an interview. Local GOP leadership didn’t reply either.

But his LinkedIn biography contained clues to his evolution.

He describes joining the Associated Student Body government at the end of his sophomore year, conceding: “The only reason I applied was because my friend had a crush on the ASB President, so our whole friendgroup applied.”

But he made friends and found mentors.

“As my high school career was coming to a close, I noticed that the kids who had been quiet and shy were the ones I was working alongside with as leaders,” he said. “I realized that as a leader, it’s not your job to be around forever. Your job is to spend your time teaching others how to be leaders before you leave.”

He concluded: “Don’t be scared of the next opportunity that comes your way, take it and know that those who replace you will be direct products of your guidance.”

At Palomar College in San Marcos, he got no ink — at least not from The Telescope, the student paper. His name appears nowhere on its website.

His social media footprint also is sparse. @Will_Seykora shows him following Mission Hills High’s ASB and calling San Marcos home.

But another Twitter account — @w1llseykora, which recently went from public to “protected” with only 24 followers — included a link to Alberta51.com, an expired website promoting the western Canadian province as the 51st U.S. state.

An archived version of Alberta51.com asserted it would take an act of Congress and a majority vote of Albertans to make the oil-rich region part of the USA.

“The Liberals and Trudeau have made it clear that they don’t care what happens to Alberta or its economy,” the site said. “In the words of Justin Trudeau: ‘Canada is the first postnational state.’”

Alberta’s supposed answer to Canadian leader Justin Trudeau: “We have a core identify. We are young, educated, diverse and vibrant. We are inclusive. Despite Ottawa’s attempts to keep us down, we will fight for our rights and our freedoms. Alberta is joining the USA for ‘sunny ways.’”

It isn’t known who wrote this on the site:

There is no reason for Alberta to stay in Canada. Culturally we aren’t Canadian, as that has come to mean whatever Ontario is. We are Albertan. Plus there are plenty of reasons to join with the US. The economy is foremost- Alberta trades more with the US than with other provinces. Secondly, mobility of the workforce; ever wanted to live in a US state? The entire USA is now open to you! And the USA just got less expensive to visit. The GST disappears. Taxes are lower- the US dollar buys a lot more. Gas prices are less. New businesses will show up in Alberta. More jobs and opportunities for Albertans.

It wasn’t clear why Seykora would have an interest in Albertans changing national allegiance, but LinkedIn has an account for Mark Seykora, an “Oil & Energy Professional” in Penhold, Alberta. Jon Seykora is an art director in Calgary, Alberta. And Ken Seykora Holdings Ltd. is listed as an Alberta business corporation.

No matter his possible Canadian ties, William “Will” Seykora had admirers as far back as high school.

A cross country and track athlete, Seykora found a fast fan in The Silvertip staff writer Josette Rivera.

She described the “formerly shy” Seykora (who spent two years as the school’s mascot, Chewy) as gaining the courage to “break out of his comfort zone through extracurricular activities and peers who surrounded him.”

Rivera concluded: “As a star in ASB and on stage, success is the only thing in store for Seykora.”