San Diego County Registrar of Voters Michael Vu explains election deadlines.
Michael Vu, in his former role as San Diego County Registrar of Voters, explains election deadlines. Photo by Chris Stone

Former San Diego County Registrar of Voters Michael Vu has moved up, after being named Assistant Chief Administrative Officer for the county.

Vu stepped into the new role Jan. 8 after spending eight years as registrar. He’s worked for the county for nearly 14 years.

The office is responsible for implementing policy decisions made by the Board of Supervisors and managing the county’s day-to-day operations.

Chief Administrative Officer Helen Robbins-Meyer praised Vu for his interactions with the public.

“Not only has he enjoyed taking on new challenges, but he has been innovative and resourceful in responding to them,” said Robbins-Meyer. “For this, he has gained the respect and trust of many within our community, including community-based organizations, advocacy groups, elected officials and the media.”

As Vu takes on his new responsibilities, he also will continue to lead the Registrar of Voters with a special election on the horizon for the 79th Assembly District. Assistant Registrar Cynthia Paes will serve as the Acting Registrar.

Vu succeeds Tracy Sandoval as Assistant CAO. Sandoval left the County last October to become the Chief Executive Officer for the San Diego County Employees Retirement Association (SDCERA).

“I am eager to contribute in any way to the goals of the County and to work with the chief administrative officer and the Board of Supervisors on the most pressing issues that the County faces,” Vu said. “Having dedicated myself to public service for 24 years in conducting elections, I am looking forward to bringing those experiences with me in this new role.”