Supervisor Nathan Fletcher during the Instagram press conference. Image from video

Supervisors Nathan Fletcher and Nora Vargas said Tuesday they will seek to reverse previous actions by the Board of Supervisors that contradicted state orders on COVID-19.

“By cutting out the nonsense of undermining the data and fighting with the state, and putting our faith in the doctors and science, agreeing to work as partners with the state, and using an equity-focused model of funding distribution, our recovery will be strengthened,” said Fletcher, who is the new chair of the board.

Fletcher and Vargas, a new member of the board, said they would introduce a resolution on Jan. 12 to reverse previous board actions and direct funding to the parts of the county with the highest need of support.

The two supervisors explained their strategy during a press conference on Instagram. Thanks to the elections of Vargas and Terra Lawson-Remer, there is now a Democratic majority on the board for the first time in decades.

Over the past nine months, the board has on multiple occasions approved resolutions and issued letters seeking different COVID-19 rules than authorized by the state. Fletcher was usually the sole “no” vote.

Vargas, who represents the South Bay, said her community has been particularly hard hit by the pandemic, and noted that her father had recently been hospitalized with COVID.

“We have an opportunity to stop the rhetoric, stop politicizing public health and be solution-driven, because too many lives are at stake,” said Vargas. “This resolution will ensure our response is health equity-minded to begin prioritizing the most vulnerable communities and ensure they have the resources they need to be healthy and safe to get back to their routines.”

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