San Diego County administration building
The historic San Diego County administration building. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

San Diego County supervisors voted unanimously Wednesday to increase the size of a recreational area in a South Bay community, and set a hearing on a Valley Center preserve addition.

The board approved spending $1.07 million on 2.75 acres for the county- owned Otay Valley Regional Park Trail, located on the east side of Heritage Road and south of Main Street in Chula Vista.

The land, purchased from DIII Heritage, was appraised at $1.02 million; remaining costs include staff time.

The parcel will provide further access for users, according to the county. A future trail is also planned for the park, which already features a multi-use trail network, picnic facilities and a ranger station.

Board Chairman Greg Cox, whose district includes the city of Chula Vista, said the purchase is “an integral part of what is shaping up to be a 13- mile park encompassing 8,000 acres” when all other properties are added.

“It’s an amenity that’s very much needed and appreciated in South County,” Cox added.

The board also set an Oct. 14 public hearing on the proposed acquisition of 76 acres for Hellhole Canyon Open Space Preserve in Valley Center.

The property is located at the eastern end of Paradise Mountain Road, next to the 2,700-acre preserve. Along with being a popular hiking area, Hellhole Canyon is home to deer, mountain lions and sensitive wildlife habitats.

If supervisors give the OK next month, the county will pay the Furleigh Family Trust $610,000 for the land.

According to the county, a $225,000 grant provided by the state Habitat Conservation Fund will help pay for the land purchase.

Supervisor Jim Desmond, in whose district the preserve is located, said he was “pleased we’re able to add to this county asset.”

–City News Service