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San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister announced Thursday his office was trying to reunite $450,324 in county tax refunds with its rightful owners.

“With many people out of work or cash-strapped, it’s essential to return this money to the citizens of San Diego,” McAllister said. “The average refund is $378, and that can go a long way for those who need it.”

The tax collector’s office has 1,190 refunds which can be searched online at

According to the office, if a person is owed money, follow the instructions on the unclaimed money page on that website to file a refund claim by Oct. 26, before the money is rolled into the county’s general fund.

Claims can be sent to or by calling 1-877-829- 4732 for more information.

“We want all of this money returned to San Diegans, so tell your friends and family to go to to check the unclaimed money list,” McAllister said.

The smallest refund amount available is $10, and the largest refund amount is $9,111, owed to Amerus Life Insurance Co.

In the past five years, the office has refunded nearly $520,000.

Current state law says countywide money that is unclaimed for three years and property tax refunds unclaimed for four years must be turned over to the county’s general fund.

–City News Service