Sporting a new beard, Rep. Duncan D. Hunter walks west on Broadway after his 5-minute court hearing.
Rep. Duncan D. Hunter walks west on Broadway after a court hearing in November. Photo by Ken Stone

Former Rep. Duncan D. Hunter is asking that the start of his 11-month sentence be delayed until January to minimize risks of being in prison during the pandemic.

In mid-March, the six-term Alpine Republican was ordered to report for incarceration May 29 for his conviction of campaign fund misspending.

“The parties submit this extension is appropriate due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the unknown impacts the disease will have in the coming months,” wrote Hunter attorney Devin Burstein and Assistant U.S. Attorney Emily Allen.

Joint request to delay prison start for Duncan Hunter. (PDF)

Their joint motion, filed Tuesday, tells Judge Thomas Whelan that Hunter agrees not to ask for sentencing modification or seek any form of pre-surrender credit for home confinement.

On Monday, Hunter’s father — former Rep. Duncan Lee Hunter — signed a statement that he is the surety for his son, who the government says is broke.

Hunter’s “self-surrender date,” if approved by Judge Whelan, would be on or before noon Jan. 4, 2021. He would be released just days before his 45th birthday.

Hunter’s wife, Margaret, is set to be sentenced June 8, nearly one year since she pleaded guilty to using campaign credit cards on family vacations, restaurant and bar tabs, clothes and other frivolous expenses over the course of several years.

Meanwhile, Roll Call reported that former Rep. Chris Collins, the New York Republican sentenced to over two years in federal prison for insider trading, asked the judge in his case to delay his report date to June because of the coronavirus.

That request was granted.