Councilwoman Barbara Bry was a close third in the San Diego mayoral race, but short of a November runoff. Photo by Chris Stone

City Councilman’s Scott Sherman‘s lead over colleague Barbara Bry in the race to be in the November runoff for Mayor against Assemblyman Todd Gloria has dropped to just 903 votes with 90,000 ballots still uncounted.

The San Diego County Registrar of voters has been counting 40,000 to 50,000 mail and provisional ballots daily since polls closed on Tuesday.

Political consultant Tom Shepard, who is working for the Bry campaign, noted that the remaining ballots are disproportionately Democratic “because many Democrats delayed returning their absentee ballots to ensure they were able to make an informed choice in the Democratic presidential primary.”

This favors Bry, who is a Democrat, rather than Sherman, a Republican, in the otherwise nonpartisan race for the top San Diego political office.

Gloria remains the clear front-runner, however, with currently 131,760 votes to Sherman’s 72,932 and Bry’s 72,029.

The late ballots have increased the margin against growth-limiting Measure A, moved Measure C for the convention center closer to a two-thirds majority, and shifted Southwestern College Trustee Nora Vargas into the runoff with state Sen. Ben Huseo for county supervisor in the South Bay.

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