Rep. Mike Levin. Photo by Chris Stone

Rep. Mike Levin warned Monday that deceptive letters disguised as U.S. Census Bureau documents are being sent to voters in the 49th District.

Levin, a Democrat, said misleading documents use terms like “2020 Congressional District Census” and “do not destroy, official document,” but they are actually sent by the Republican National Committee to solicit personal information and donations.

“The official 2020 U.S. Census is a critically important endeavor — required by our Constitution — to ensure that every person in the United States is counted,” said Levin. “The fact that any organization would deceive Americans about this process and undermine the official census for political gain is disturbing.”

Households will not receive the official census documents until March 12, well after the March 3 primary election.

The 49th Congressional District stretches along north coastal San Diego County into south Orange county.

One of the deceptive letters shared by Rep. Mike Levin’s office.
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