Gina Roberts is active in Republican and local gun rights groups. Photo by Chris Stone

Three months after launching a bid to join the NRA board, Valley Center’s Regina “Gina” Roberts has called it quits for this year.

“I hate to say this, but I have been unsuccessful at collecting enough signatures for nomination to the ballot,” she said Thursday on Facebook.

She said she’ll try again next year with a different strategy and approach to obtaining the needed 709 signatures of lifetime National Rifle Association members or those who’ve paid annual dues the past five years.

“Meanwhile please continue to monitor this page and find friends and associates of yours that are voting members to sign next year’s petition,” she wrote.

Why did she fall short?

“It requires a great deal more networking than I was able to do,” she said. “Access to membership has to be by personal contact, and I wasn’t able to attend many NRA events this year.”

She promised a new plan for next year.

The 64-year-old founding director of San Diego County Gun Owners — an NRA life member for nearly 40 years — said in July she backed embattled CEO Wayne LaPierre.

To make a January ballot for the 76-member board, she had to secure the signatures by Oct. 6.

She was shooting for 1,500 signatures and created a dedicated Facebook page.

“I do kind of represent a demographic that’s not strongly represented in the organization,” she said in July, a reference to her being transgender.

“However, I’m not typically the kind of person who pulls that card. … People kind of know it already.”

In San Diego, Roberts is president of the Log Cabin Republicans — conservative members of the LGBTQ community. She’s a life member of the California Rifle & Pistol Association and belongs to the Single Action Shooting Society (cowboy style shooting), Gun Owners of America, Gun Owners of California and “about half the ranges of San Diego County.”

She’s also a member of the San Diego County Republican Central Committee.

On Facebook, she heard notes of dismay and support.

Bill Bookout wrote: “Very disappointed. No one is a greater advocate for our 2A rights than you are.”

Said Kandy Wyrick-Human: “I’m sorry to hear that! You were the BEST representation they could have had!”

Will Love wrote: “It would’ve been great having someone so knowledgeable and level headed with your views on gun safety and how the NRA should be, on the board running it. So sad.

Roberts replied: “I’ll be back and thank you.”

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