Carl DeMaio at campaign kickoff
Carl DeMaio at his campaign kickoff. Courtesy of the campaign

Republican congressional candidate Carl DeMaio on Monday proposed national legislation that would encourage Americans to carry weapons after undergoing background checks to combat mass shootings.

“The only way to stop an evil and deranged individual with a weapon is to empower a hero with the training and the tools to take them out,” said DeMaio. “The Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights is not the problem; it is actually the solution to improving our safety and security.”

DeMaio outlined his five-point “Let’s Roll Act” at a gun store in Kearny Mesa:

  • Mandatory self-defense curriculum at all schools. Students would be given instruction on what to do in a shooting or terrorist attack.
  • National concealed-carry permit program. Allow individuals who undergo background checks and have proper training to have a concealed-carry permit honored in every state.
  • Improved background checks. All states would be required to report data in a complete and uniform manner to the National Instant Criminal Background Check system.
  • School safety reserve corps. Retired military and law enforcement personnel would be encouraged to volunteer their time at schools.
  • American hero reward program. Any individual who courageously takes down a mass shooter would be given a financial reward, and the family of any individual who gives their life to take down a mass shooter would receive a reward.

DeMaio, who is seeking to succeed embattled Rep. Duncan Hunter as the Republican nominee in the 50th District in East County, named his “Let’s Roll” Act after the last words uttered by Todd Beamer on Flight 93 during the 9/11 attacks in 2001.

Chris Jennewein

Chris Jennewein is Editor & Publisher of Times of San Diego.