Tony Krvaric, speaking at a GOP women’s club meeting in January, said: “I’m just enjoying every minute of Donald Trump being president.” Photo by Ken Stone

As expected, Tony Krvaric was re-elected Monday to a job he recently said he would quit — chairman of the San Diego County Republican Party.

Krvaric, 47, apparently faced token opposition in a meeting at the Town and Country Resort & Convention Center in Mission Valley.

A member of the party’s Central Committee told Times of San Diego that Krvaric’s election was “only slightly contested” by Lincoln Pickard, a two-time candidate in the 80th Assembly District — a seat held by Lorena Gonzalez. The member didn’t want to be identified.

“He just wanted to say his piece,” the member said. “No other challengers.”

The vote “wasn’t even close. Like 4-to-1,” said the member.

It wasn’t immediately known whether Krvaric would be paid in his new two-year term. The post has been a volunteer, unpaid position.

On Saturday, Voice of San Diego said it confirmed that the party’s executive committee discussed a new “compensation package” worth $15,000 a month in election years and $10,000 per month in off years.

“The committee didn’t make that deal official,” wrote Scott Lewis and Andrew Keatts of Voice. “It’s just a range and an idea right now. But it seems to have legs.”

But Monday night, Voice editor in chief Lewis tweeted that “potential salary discussion [was] punted to New Year.” (The committee member said: “It wasn’t planned for tonight.”)

Krvaric’s popularity among conservatives isn’t unanimous, however.

On Sunday, San Diegans For Secure Borders, a Facebook group, labeled Krvaric and his “rotten, corrupt San Diego GOP” as “part mafia, part cult.”

The unnamed commenter added: “Krvaric has been saying for almost a year that he was retiring as Chairman this year after serving for 12 failed years. Now he suddenly says he’s running for re-election and he schedules a rush election for tomorrow night.”

The comment alleged that no one had a chance to challenge him. And it quoted the Voice of San Diego speculation of Krvaric seeking an annual salary of $120,000 to $180,000.

“Scam artist,” the comment ended. “No wonder the Republican Party is dying in San Diego. Death by suicide and corruption.”

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