Jim Madaffer

Former City Councilman Jim Madaffer will begin a two-year term on Oct. 1 as chair of the San Diego County Water Authority board.

Madaffer, who represents San Diego on the 36-member board, was vice chair and in line to assume the top role. He succeeds Mark Muir, who represents the San Dieguito Water District.

“The Water Authority is one of our region’s most important institutions, and I’m committed to continuing our long tradition of providing safe and reliable water supplies that sustain 3.3 million people and our $220 billion economy,” said Madaffer.

“Looking ahead, our core issues include ensuring long-term water reliability by supporting local supply development; advocating for balanced state water-use regulations; promoting water-use efficiency at homes and businesses; and adopting cost-effective innovations to operate and maintain the region’s water infrastructure,” he said.

Madaffer, who is president of a public policy and government relations firm, joined the water authority board in November 2012. He will serve as chair during the authority’s 75th anniversary in 2019.

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Chris Jennewein

Chris Jennewein is Editor & Publisher of Times of San Diego.