Rep. Juan Vargas (center) protests family separations at the border. Image from CNN newscast

Rep. Juan Vargas and four other Democratic Congress members protested the Trump administration’s family separation policy as the president left a meeting with House Republicans on Tuesday.

“Mr. President, don’t you have kids? Don’t you have kids, Mr. President?” shouted Vargas, who represents the 51st District along the border from Imperial Beach to the Arizona state line.

Executive Director of Border Angels Enrique Morones. Photo by Chris Stone

The five representatives from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus held up signs that read “Families Belong Together” and shouted directly at Trump.

“Stop separating our families,” shouted Vargas in a moment seen on cable TV. “We won’t go away!”

Trump briefly stopped in front of the protesting House members, but then ignored them to wave to television cameras and reporters.

After the protest, Vargas tweeted: “President Trump is on Capitol Hill. We showed up to denounce his immoral family separation policy.”

Vargas joined a group of Democratic House members Monday on a tour of a children’s detention center near San Diego.

Also on MSNBC Border Angels founder and director Enrique Morones said Tuesday: “Society is judged on how we treat our children, and what is taking place right now is horrific.”

As a panel member of Ari Melber’s afternoon show “The Beat,” the San Diego-based Morones said Trump, “without a doubt, is pure evil. No other country in the world separates children from their parents.”

“How can people do that?” he said of the “zero tolerance” policy. “That hasn’t happened in this country since the time of slavery. It hasn’t happened in the world since the time of the Nazis.”

Calling people who travel from Central America “desperate,” Morones said, “The U.S is a country that for a long, long time people looked up to. No longer.”

— Chris Stone contributed to this report.

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