Councilwoman Georgette Gómez thanked club members for helping her win the District seat. Photo by Ken Stone

A proposed resolution in opposition to the proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border is scheduled to go before the San Diego City Council’s Budget Committee next week.

The resolution proposed by Councilwoman Georgette Gomez calls the border area “among the most unique, diverse and beautiful regions in the world,” and terms the wall plans “offensive and damaging symbols of fear and division that will increase tensions with Mexico.” The document also says the wall would damage the economy and disrupt joint tourism promotions between San Diego and Tijuana.

Gomez’s proposal calls for opposition to President Donald Trump’s executive order on the border wall and for the council to express its intent to identify companies involved with designing, building,or financing the structure, and its intent to divest from those companies.

“The border wall is a huge mistake for our region economically and environmentally,” said Gomez, whose district runs from the College Area through part of City Heights to Southcrest.

“Our tax dollars should be spent uplifting the quality of life for all San Diegans, and tackling our issues on road infrastructure, housing and homelessness,” she said. “Building a wall will do nothing for our families and communities but place an ugly divide between two of the largest cities in Mexico and the United States.”

Her proposal is scheduled to be heard at a meeting set for Wednesday at 9 a.m. at City Hall.

Trump issued his executive order in January. Prototypes were originally scheduled to be unveiled in San Diego last month, but postponed until at least the end of the year, according to news reports.

On Thursday, a group of border city mayors in the U.S. and Mexico meeting in San Diego signed a resolution that calls for using technology to secure the border, as well as a unified approach to border infrastructure and security, and support for international trade.