Assemblyman Brian Jones: Gridlock is good
Termed out Assemblyman Brian Jones (with arms crossed) plans to run for state Senate in 2018. Photo by Ken Stone

But instead of being Gordon Gekko in “Wall Street” saying “Greed is good,” the Santee Republican reflected on divided politics.

Jones said: “Gridlock is good.”

“What Americans need to realize is that gridlock in Washington or Sacramento is not necessarily a bad thing,” he said. “You don’t always want your elected representative … being productive.”

Having been part of an 80-member body — and state Legislature — dominated by the opposing party, Jones said: “The (Democrats) don’t always have the best ideas. Sometimes gridlock is good for the taxpayers.”

The subject of political gridlock arose during discussion of Donald Trump’s impending victory.

Jones, 48, said he was excited about it since it would upset the power base in Washington.

“Americans are going to take control of the government again,” he said.

Wouldn’t a Trump presidency pose gridlock potential with Democrats standing fast against his plans to roll back President Obama’s legacy?

Assemblyman Brian Jones at Golden Hall on Election Night. Photo by Chris Stone

Jones said gridlock would have been worse had Hillary Clinton won, given GOP control of the House and Senate.

In any case, Jones was looking serene amid the emotions at Election Central — pleased how some of his friends were doing, but disappointed for his own district director, Mason Herron.

Herron took third and last in a race for a single open seat on the Santee City Council, where Jones got his political start in 2002.

Ten years later, he was elected to the Assembly, where he eventually rose to the chairmanship of the Republican Caucus.

In 2018, Jones will seek a seat in the upper house — a four-year term in the 38th Senate District now held by Joel Anderson, who will be termed out.

On Tuesday, before GOP control of the White House and Congress was assured, Jones stood amid young supporters with hand-lettered signs quoting Ronald Reagan. One said: “Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty.”

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