Rep. Scott Peters of San Diego speaks to the La Mesa-Foothills Democratic Club at its monthly meeting. Chris Stone photo

President Barack Obama’s efforts to reduce gun violence received praise from a San Diego congressman.

Rep. Scott Peters (D-San Diego) said Obama was “left with no choice but to take executive action in order to save American lives.”

Obama on Monday used his executive power to expand background checks to cover more gun purchases. He did so despite protest from members of the Republican Party.

“Americans are being gunned down in public places all across this nation while members of Congress go to work in buildings secured by police at every entry and do nothing because Republican leadership is afraid to stand up to the gun lobby,” stated Peters after meeting with Obama.

“While these actions are an important step in the right direction, they do not let Congress off the hook.”

Peters, who urged Obama in November to close loopholes on background checks, said he’ll continue to voice his support for more gun control.

Obama is expected to talk about his plans Tuesday.

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