Washington D.C. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons
Washington D.C. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Congress voted Wednesday to keep the government funded through Dec. 11, with all of the San Diego delegation except Duncan Hunter voting with the majority.

Democrats Susan Davis, Scott Peters and Juan Vargas voted for the temporary funding measure, as did Republican Darrell Issa. The 277-151 vote in the House came hours before the government was due to shut down. The Senate earlier voted 78-20 to keep the government open.

The no votes were all cast by conservative Republicans, who had threatened to shut the government in order to deny funding to Planned Parenthood.

Though the government remains open, Peters and other government officials expressed frustration with stop-and-start funding.

“Keeping the government open is the very least that the American people expect from Congress,” said Peters. “But this consistent stop-and-start funding process that brings us within hours of shutting down the federal government is reckless and unnecessary, and harms our economy’s ability to grow.”

San Diego has the largest military concentration in the country, and Defense Secretary Ashton Carter criticized the “lasting damage that comes from a paycheck-to-paycheck approach to budgeting for the defense of our country.”

President Obama immediately signed the temporary funding measure.

The temporary bill is intended to buy more time for Obama, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and outgoing Speaker John Boehner to try to reach a comprehensive, long-term budget pact.

Chris Jennewein

Chris Jennewein is Editor & Publisher of Times of San Diego.