Rep. Kevin McCarthy at a press conference in April. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst
Rep. Kevin McCarthy at a press conference in April. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

A Californian may become the next Speaker of the House of Representatives following Friday’s announcement that John Boehner of Ohio is resigning from Congress in October.

Boehner’s second in command, Rep. Kevin McCarthy from Bakersfield, is seen as the most likely person to be the next speaker, though some Tea Party Republicans do not consider him sufficiently conservative.

“I think that Kevin McCarthy would make an excellent Speaker,” Boehner said at a press conference on Friday.

McCarthy, 50, represents the 23rd Congressional District, which stretches from Sequoia National Forest south to the Los Angeles County line. He has been the House Majority Leader since August 2014.

The fourth-generation Kern County resident started his own business, a deli, at the age of 21 and graduated from Cal State Bakersfield with both a bachelors degree and a master of business administration. After working as a Congressional aide, he was elected a trustee of the Kern Community College District, then went on to the State Assembly in 2002 and Congress in 2006. He is married with two children.

McCarthy is a pro-life conservative who does not support renewal of the Export-Import Bank and has vowed to vote against any global warming legislation that would raise taxes.

Boehner said his advice to McCarthy is that “his number one responsibility is going to be to protect the institution.”

Chris Jennewein

Chris Jennewein is Editor & Publisher of Times of San Diego.