The Board of Supervisors voted Wednesday to amend the county’s building code to require developers of single-family home projects in unincorporated areas to prepare their new houses for solar panels and electric vehicles.

Photo credit: Fernando Tomás/ Wiki Commons

Developers will need to install electrical panels of at least 200 amps, with space reserved for solar power and electric vehicle charging circuits; put in wiring for solar panels and EV chargers, and reserve at least 250 square feet on a south-facing roof for solar panels.

Houses without south-facing roofs would be exempt.

Supervisor Dave Roberts said the amendments will add about $300-$400 to the price of a new home “which, when you look at the cost to do this after the fact, it’s really inexpensive, and I think greatly will add to the value of the home.”

The measure passed on a 4-1 vote. Supervisor Bill Horn said he didn’t think the supervisors should tell builders how to make homes more attractive to buyers.

— City News Service