Border Angel director Enrique Morones speaks to volunteers and Border Angel workers before the Caravan of Love.
Enrique Morones speaks to volunteers and Border Angel workers before the Caravan of Love in 2018. Photo by Chris Stone

I am writing in response to the article published about me in the Oct. 23 issue of the San Diego Union-Tribune.

First and foremost, I offer my unequivocal apologies to anyone who has ever felt uncomfortable with my words at work, or outside of work, and I am saddened if any of my words unintentionally caused harm.

In the past few years, I have learned about some of the toxic aspects of masculinity that my generation of men was exposed to as we grew up. I’m committed to taking a hard look at how I may have been influenced by this version of masculinity, and to working on developing a more nurturing and conscious version of masculinity in myself.

I believe that the human resources investigation at Border Angels that took place prior to my retirement in 2019 was biased. None of my witnesses were interviewed by the investigator. And while I made repeated requests to see the investigator’s report, I have still not received it.

Now, nearly three years later, the Union-Tribune has published an article. It is important to note that the authors didn’t interview most of my key witnesses, refused to publish interviews that contradicted their report, and included a number of inaccuracies.

In regards to my lack of responsiveness to the reporters, I told them this matter was settled. I also mentioned I was taking care of my 94-year-old mother and did not want her to get upset. She died six days after the article appeared.

I warned the newspaper that threats and attacks on my family by hate groups could occur because of my national visibility as a champion of immigrants. And indeed those attacks started a couple of days later.

I am going to continue to fight for the rights of vulnerable populations as this is my life’s work. And I will strive to do so with greater empathy, compassion and understanding.

Enrique Morones
Founder of Border Angels,
House of Mexico and Gente Unida

San Diego

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