The giant symbol of Lemon Grove. Courtesy of the City

By Chris Nelson

Lemon Grove has the “Best Climate on Earth.” Yes, that’s true enough, but we should not stop there. Mayor Racquel Vasquez is committed to making Lemon Grove also the “Best Place to Live.”

Since her election in 2016, she has brought to city government a new energy and a commitment to improving the environment for all the residents of Lemon Grove. She is determined to make city government more modern, efficient, fiscally prudent, and responsive to public interests.

Vasquez has established greater budget transparency, and has begun to reverse 20 years of deficit spending. She has secured new funding for community improvements and revitalization, including a clean-up of our parks and community at large. She has Increased oversight and accountability of our city budget, focused law-enforcement resources on operations, equity and safety, and she has directed significant improvements in city fire services.

If re-elected in November, Vasquez can be counted on to continue her commitment to further upgrade our streets and utilities, adding to the 54 miles of road improvements in her first term.

The City of Lemon Grove needs a well-functioning city government with effective communication and meaningful innovation. Vasquez has taken the lead on the development of solutions to the problem of homelessness, and the expansion of services for seniors and families.

Racquel Vasquez. Photo courtesy San Diego Housing Federation

As a working professional, a wife and mother herself, she understands the importance of a safe place to live, strong families, the best education for our children, and the well-being of our seniors. Government is about people, and this mayor is focused on making the kinds of connections that benefit the people of Lemon Grove, and productively engage with our surrounding communities.

Vasquez has led city government in coordinating with other cities, county, state and federal authorities to expand programs and streamline policies that make the most of our limited resources, and she has sought new resources to improve our transportation, housing, law enforcement, and overall economic prosperity. She understands that regional cooperation is a vital part of planning, development, and improving the quality of life throughout the region.

She is an enthusiastic administrator and an active listener. She welcomes every citizen’s voice in guiding and improving city government. She encourages each of us to freely contribute to the important work of making our community a safe, comfortable, and convenient place to live.

With the dynamic leadership of our mayor, we can make Lemon Grove, not only the best climate on earth, but also the best place to live on earth. We can make our community a shining example of what people can do when they work together. And along the way, we can show our kids we care about their future.

Chris Ernest Nelson is a retired Mount Miguel High School history teacher and a published author.

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