Sara Jacobs eyes top rival Georgette Gómez on debate stage at La Mesa Community Center.
Sara Jacobs eyes top rival Georgette Gómez on a debate stage in January. Photo by Chris Stone

Republicans will be faced with some tough decisions in November.

For more than one race, Republicans will be in a situation that feels like being forced to pick between the lesser of two evils. One in particular is the 53rd Congressional District.

As the former Republican candidate for this district and a lifelong conservative, I took it upon myself to take a long hard look at the two Democrats on our ballot. I had a decision to make. I had to get behind the candidate who I believe would be better for our district.

That candidate is Sara Jacobs.

When I first sat down to grab coffee with Sara to talk about this election cycle, I will admit that I was very skeptical. Before meeting her, I went through her entire issues page and read every one of her stances from start to finish. Realizing that we disagreed on almost every issue, I wasn’t expecting much out of the conversation.

I went into our meeting with one major question for Sara: “How do you plan on bridging the gap
between Republicans and Democrats?” Her answer was a simple: “Have conversations like this one.”

After spending hours bombarding Sara with questions, I knew that over the two candidates we would
have to choose from in November that Republicans would be wise to put their support behind Sara
Jacobs over her opponent.

Here’s why.

1. Sara Jacobs understands the importance of capitalism

Sara is the granddaughter of Irwin Jacobs, co-founder of Qualcomm. She grew up blessed because her family was able to live out the American Dream and create a successful multibillion-dollar company. Sara understands that business owners are the backbone of our economy and will do what she can to continue to support business owners thrive in America.

2. Sara Jacobs is willing to have tough conversations

Unlike her opponent, Sara is willing to reach across the aisle and listen to what Republicans have to say. As a policy person first and foremost, Sara can confidently discuss her stances on the issues and why she thinks the way that she does. Because of her strong ability to effectively communicate and listen, Sara is well-equipped to bring both sides together to discuss what’s going on in our nation instead of work to drive a deeper wedge.

3. Sara Jacobs isn’t afraid of compromise

Morgan Murtaugh

Since she has such a strong background in policy, Sara understands that the “all or nothing” approach that many of our failing leaders have been taking is not effective and not fair to the other half of the nation who disagrees entirely. In life, compromise is inevitable and important and in politics, compromise is what is needed in order to move our country forward and heal the divide which at times feels like civil war.

4. Sara Jacobs isn’t beholden to anyone

Unlike her opponent who has the full support of the California Democrat Party and the labor unions, Sara is pulling her own strings. Since her candidacy is not being controlled by an agenda, Sara will have the freedom to think and act independently on issues that she may disagree with the Democrat establishment on when she’s in office. Sara’s opponent has shown zero interest in reaching across the aisle and I don’t believe that her opponent will work to represent anyone other than the interests of the lobbyists who are funding her election.

5. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, endorsed her opponent

That in and of itself should scream VOTE FOR SARA JACOBS. Don’t let a self-identified socialist on the other side of the country influence our election. Don’t let a progressive socialist get elected to Congress from our district. Get out there and vote, because to me it’s very clear who the better candidate is.

I realize that I’m putting my neck on the line in putting my support behind Sara Jacobs. That said, this election is just as important as any other election, and Republicans have a chance here to decide what happens in the 53rd District. I have no doubt that Sara and I will continue to disagree on many issues, but I can say with full confidence that I know she is willing to come to the table and talk about those issues because she did it with me.

Regardless of who wins in November, we will be represented by one of the two Democrats on our ballot. I hope that you stand with me in voting for Sara Jacobs for Congress.

Morgan Murtaugh, a Rolando resident, is a community activist helping GOP candidates get elected to local office.