Presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks to thousands of supporters at the County Administration Center in downtown San Diego.
Bernie Sanders at a rally in San Diego in 2019. Photo by Chris Stone

This is a letter sent by a Carlsbad resident to to Sen. Bernie Sanders, the apparent front-runner for the Democratic nomination for President.

Dear Sen. Sanders:

Every time you talk about overthrowing the Democratic establishment, I feel very insulted. You may not realize that many moderates like me hear those words and feel marginalized.

I am part of an important voting block that you would be wise to embrace — not turn off. I am part of the coalition you need if you want to beat Donald Trump. I am a college-educated, upper-middle-class, suburban woman. I am the voter who helped turn a red district to blue.

You have run a well managed campaign, but you need to assure us that we have a place in your so called revolution…and you haven’t done that. I send you this as a plea.

Many of my friends are considering staying home during the primary and the general election, or if they vote, they are seriously thinking of writing in a moderate because, just like me, they don’t feel you care about us at all. If you truly are committed to a diverse coalition, we need to feel part of it if you want our votes.

Living in Southern California, we are already way overtaxed, and you keep saying you’re going to tax us more? My husband and I have free health insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance at no cost through our employer. Are you are going to make us pay for that now? We aren’t billionaires, but people who make too much for discounts yet are too poor for loopholes.

I have friends from England and New Zealand, which both offer free healthcare. But my friends complain about long wait times for care and operations, and a lack of choice of doctors.

I am all for expanding people’s access to healthcare, but that will never happen if you can’t get your ideas through the House and Senate, which are filled with moderates who won’t vote for your programs unless they feel a part of the government you say you are building.

Ignore us at your peril. That’s not a threat; that’s the reality.

Leslie Shalloway

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